40 Days For Life - Day 11

Catholic SanFrancisco :
The former Planned Parenthood Golden Gate announced it is closing all of its clinics in the Bay Area, saying it did not have enough money to pay its employees.

Golden Gate Community Health President and CEO Therese Wilson said her management team had reduced operating costs by 33 percent and saved $600,000 a month. GGCH is still trying to raise funds to keep one or two locations open. But, Wilson said in a press release, slow reimbursement by the state and reduced donor giving made it impossible to close the revenue gap.

The March 1 announcement by Golden Gate Community Health came just eight days before 40 Days for Life Lenten prayer vigils were to begin at GGCH’s San Francisco and San Mateo clinics. It also comes less than six months after Planned Parenthood Federation of America cut ties with the Bay Area affiliate...

Day 11 Devotional

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