Meet A Community Organizer

From Halifax, Nova Scotia:

Ellen has been working with Campaign Life Coalition for 20 years now, and she is a veteran in Nova Scotia's pro-life movement. She was there on McCully Street when the Morgentaler clinic was in operation. She organizes every Life Chain in the fall and every March for Life in the spring.
And now she is the organizing force behind 40 Days, she keeps the schedule humming and she makes countless phone calls to fill the vigil hours.

Here is what Ellen has to say about her experience with 40 Days for Life:

Dear vigil attendees,

The 40 Days for Life campaign is a focused vision to access God's power through prayer, fasting, and peaceful vigil at the site where abortions are committed. Our presence is a strong witness that we abhor the killing of pre-born children and are offering up to God our prayers for the souls of these children and also our prayers of repentance, asking God to turn hearts and minds from a culture of death to a culture of life.

When I arrive at the vigil site, I immediately feel a sense of calm. I usually walk up and down carrying the small sign while listening to Christian music, unless it is raining, at which time I sit under the umbrella and pray. One very rainy morning, I arrived rather early - 7:30 am - and did my walk about. After the "early bird" attendees left, I sat under my umbrella and prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more until I realized that an hour surely must have passed. I had forgotten my watch and my cell phone had died so I checked with a worker near by, and indeed my hour had finished and I was now into the next. 2 l/2 hours passed before someone else arrived - and you know what? - I didn't feel anxious or angry that I had been there that long. In fact, I felt so blessed and refreshed. You see, I'm a very busy person - I spend most of my time working out of my home for Campaign Life doing pro-life work, as well as church work, all in between running with my children. And although I attend Mass daily, rarely, if at all, do I spend time in quiet prayer - one on one with the Lord. So this day I thought .... the Lord wants us to come to Him and He is calling me to a deeper prayer life! I believe the forgotten watch and dead cell phone was a message for me to stay put and continue praying. So I thank God for the "no-shows", which allowed me to stay quiet and know that He is near.

The V.G. Hospital site is a place of Grace where we are indeed walking on Holy ground in the spirit of our Lord. Abortions are performed there daily and even when it rains, so be faithful to your commitment and don't let the devil get you down!

God bless, Ellen

Many of us know community organizers like Ellen Chesal. They sacrifice in their own daily lives striving to save the lives, and souls, of their fellow man. Let's get behind these people by putting our own selves 'out there'. Let's make some real communities.

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