Heroes in Our Neighbourhood

The poster (shown left) that Jim Pouillon was holding was an affirmation of Life. Mr. Pouillon held human life to be sacred, in even measure for everyone. He was a hero from our neighbourhood, someone known and respected for his persistent loving message of our own value. He valued us ALL. He quietly gave his life in the hope that we would value ourselves and each other. A neighbourhood Hero.

We all need to be 'neighbourhood heroes' in our own way. We need to know our own value and that of every other human life, and defend it. A great opportunity to do so is just around the corner with this season's '40 Days For Life'. This fall's campaign from Sept 23 - November ,will be carried our by 'neighbourhood heroes' in at least 212 cities internationally.
More than 200 cities in 45 American states, 5 Canadian provinces ... plus Denmark ... are poised to launch 40 Days for Life campaigns... [David Bereit, 40 Days for Life's national director] "Last fall's campaign was conducted in 177 cities. This shows that support for the pro-life message is spreading — and that 40 Days for Life continues to have a positive international impact."

Find a way to reaffirm the value of LIFE. EVERY life. ALWAYS.

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