Canadian Prolifers Disappointed By CCCB - Again

I am 48 years old. Since I was 8 or 9, I have known that UNICEF supports the promotion of abortion. My children have known this all their lives. Why does the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops not know this?

The CCCB has reaffirmed their support of UNICEF, in spite of the Vatican's example, in spite of good information about UNICEF's abortion promotion activities, in spite of the good work of many of their parishioners to battle abortion in Canada,perhaps just in spite, decided that they have the special ability to 'earmark' funds given to UNICEF. Everyone else knows this is not really possible. The CCCB is clearly not concerned that it is collecting funds that ultimately kill babies.

This is not to say that Canadian Bishops should all be tarred with the CCCB brush. Some Bishops know their responsibility to their flock, and they do not rely on the non-authority of the CCCB . Perhaps these good shepherds could find a way of stifling the ill caused by the CCCB as it digs a deeper and deeper hole for itself with backwardness and dissidence.

The only way I can think of to respond, is to never put a dime into a 'second collection' that the CCCB would get their hands on. My donations go directly to reputable groups.

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