U. of Calgary - Circus School

The administration of the University of Calgary has decided to sic the police on some young women students for expressing unapproved thoughts on campus. Well, it is a university after all - you can't go around letting students think for themselves! They are paying good money to be trained like seals!!

Ezra Levant (ticked off alumnus of U of C) weighs in:

...This is part of a disturbing trend of censorship on Canadian campuses. Just weeks ago, Queen's University announced roving squads of conversation "monitors" -- busybodies who would butt into private conversations to lecture students who said anything politically incorrect.

U of C goes straight for the cops.

In my travels, from time to time I find myself rebutting stereotypical perceptions of Calgary and Alberta. I point out that, in fact, our city has the highest rate of post-secondary education in the country; that we are very multicultural; that we are enlightened, and educated and open-minded, and I always have a half-dozen proof points.

But it's going to be tough to make the case now that the city's university sends cops after young women to bully them into ceasing their political discussions.

I'm glad to read that the Canadian Constitution Foundation has caught notice of the case; the Canadian Civil Liberties Association should intervene, too.

I think a pre-emptive lawsuit against U of C is in order (in addition to defending the students against the trespass charges). And -- far more effective -- a boycott on donations by alumni is in order, as well....

That's right. We're Canadian. You have to make it personal before we pay attention. (i.e. hit us where it hurts - the pocketbook!)

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