Chair of Univ. Women's Center Tries to Deflect Blame

NS Scott:
Chutzpah on stilts: A bunch of anti-free speech fascists shouted down pro-life speaker Jojo Ruba at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, last Thursday evening and the chairwoman of a university board is so offended that she threatens to lodge a human rights complaint—against one of speaker’s sponsors!
(Chronicle Herald)
"Lesley-Anne Steeleworthy, who is chairwoman of the board at the women’s centre at the university, said the lecture topic was “anti-choice” and offensive on “a number of levels.”

“It is shocking,” Ms. Steeleworthy said Sunday. “It’s comparing women who want the right to choose to being as evil as Hitler.”

As a result, her group is considering a human rights complaint against the university chaplain for participating in the event. The chaplain is in his first year in the position..."

We wouldn't want to actually 'listen' to Mr. Ruba's presentation, and THEN make remarks! In fact, the whole purpose of her protesters was to NOT LISTEN.(I say they are hers, because she suggested as much in an article with 'U-News' BEFORE the event!)

Since when is it a 'human rights' issue to support life? Since when is it a 'human rights' issue to speak about history and warn about repeating mistakes? As in, "don't make the mistake of denying the humanity of another human being." I would think the human rights commission would be more interested in someone who denied that history provided this lesson!

Its quite obvious which group has respect for others, and also which group is hate-mongering, telling lies, and obstructing free speech.

Ms. Steeleworthy is not a good person to be chairing a board for a 'women's centre'. She's obviously an abortion fanatic, and can hardly be relied upon to provide healthy and safe service for all women.(Would you want her near YOUR daughter?!) She also has an unwarranted confidence in her level of influence in the universe. She does not have the power to decide moral issues and 'shut down' other voices. (Canada still being ,nominally at least, a democracy). She has no business in a place of 'higher' learning, sitting on a board that influences the outcome for young women the university is hoping will survive their experience at SMU!

One other comment. The Chronicle Herald (quoted above) mentioned that this was Fr. Dan's first year as Chaplain at SMU, as if to give hime an excuse for a 'mistake' in judgement. (This is their idea of journalism!) Fr. Dan made no mistakes. He followed protocol, his group was peaceful, and he hosted a speaker for those interested enough to attend. All the error is on the side of those who think they can control what discussions are being held by others. IT IS WRONG. And a newspaper should not
in any way , suppport this kind of intolerance.

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Commentary By Others:

Kevin Mullen, SMU Alumnae
Re: island breezes: Chair of Univ. Women's Center Tries to Deflect Blame

Hopefully the university (SMU) has a somewhat reasonable response to this
embarrassment - there is obviously no hate mongering from the speakers, they hadn't
even started speaking yet - SMU should be handing a suspension to the chair of the
women's centre - this is a blatant abuse of her authority, to use her position to
further a political end, through unethical means (bullying), and definitely shows
lack of judgement for the responsibilities she's been entrusted.

And that is totally besides the life vs abortion issue, to which you would think she
would have learned a somewhat sensitive approach, given her responsibilities.
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Anonymous said...

we can hope that the Chancellor of St Mary's University, who is the Archbishop of Halifax, will say something about this.

island breezes said...

It helps that the chaplain is his man...