Stem Cell Science - A Study In Media Bias

Joel Johannesen at Proud To Be Canadian writes about the media's warped sense of reality...they're liars:

...The lie perpetrated by the liberal-left and their media regarding stem cell research is being perpetrated in new Obamerific ways today.

They’re all reporting on this new study which, after a year of consideration, the Food and Drug Administration OK’d today, for a scientific study using EMBRYONIC stem cells on humans.

But they’re making out like it’s some sort of an Obama election-induced advance for science. That’s an outright lie. And worse, they know it...

Joel's right. He goes on to delineate the extent of their lying support for embryonic stem cell research:

...The Bush Administration banned federal taxpayer funding (only) for EMBRYONIC (only embryonic) stem cell research, on ethics grounds (it requires the harvesting of stem cells from human baby embryos… hello!). ADULT stem cell research—the only research which has ever led to any medical cures or treatments, and there have been lots —is and always has been funded and of course legal in every way, and in America for the past several years, huge advances using ADULT stem cell research has been made. There are few if any ethical issues surrounding ADULT stem cell research.

Bush also made available a set number of human embryos, from which the stem cell lines harvested could be used for EMBRYONIC stem cell research, and which would be eligible for federal funding; and the private sector could continue, as they always could, to fund research using those lines (the fact that private money was so scarce speaks to the ethical problems associated with it, and the paucity of promise in EMBRYONIC research). And research went on.

No stem cell research was ever “banned” by the Bush administration.

And here’s the kicker: The EMBRYONIC stem cell lines being used in the announced study today are those lines authorized by George Bush, although the study used no federal funding...

MSM .... All Death All the Time (thus their love-in with Obama!)

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