"Why Canada Needs An Abortion Policy"

In this timely essay, Joseph C. Ben-Ami shows how out of step Canada is with the international community on the subject of abortion and explains how, moral and ethical issues aside, the lack of a coherent policy in Canada is seriously undermining practical efforts to control a re-emerging eugenics industry and end discriminatory practices such as gender-selection abortion.


Joe said...

Canada does not need an abortion "policy" any more than it needs a murder, rape or armed robbery "policy".

Killing human beings in the first nine months of our lives is a crime and should be prohibited. Human beings in the unborn stage deserve full legal protection just as they do for the remainder of their lives.

In other words, prenatal homicide in Canada should be treated the way all other crimes against human beings are treated.

island breezes said...

I understand your point, and agree that abortion is murder . However, it helps to approach the subject from every angle at the same time. Why doesn't Canada have any restrictions on abortion, when even the most liberal countries have some?

Discussion of even this one question would raise awareness of the realities of abortion in Canada.
We must also have the discussion about the humanity of the child; the right of conscience for medical personnel; the needs of pregnant women; the protection of the disabled and elderly from a rubrik of human value; the benefits of family life; the healthful results of chastity etc..