News From Home

Halifax is in the middle of a turf war between rival gangs, inspiring my vote for 'quote of the week':

None of these guys are terribly successful. Police routinely bring them in and convict them on drug offences. They're the more menacing version of the Trailer Park Boys.
(Donald Clairmont, director of the Atlantic Institute of Criminology at Dalhousie University in Halifax.)

I have finally had my curiosity piqued enough to actually look up the 'Trailer Park Boys', as they seem to have become somewhat of a cultural icon. (You'll have to look them up for yourself. I have language standards.) The 'Halifax Regional Municipality', which used to be known as Halifax/Dartmouth (and Sackville, and Bedford) has surely gone downhill since I left. Coiincidence?


La said...

Yeah, I'd say that they're around TPB's level of idiocy (one episode they tried to smuggle drugs across the border using a remote-controlled train).

La said...

PS---There was a shooting involving these two "crime families" directly across the street from my work... at the IWK! How low do you have to be to get in a fight at the childrens' hospital?!

island breezes said...

I know. They should have to pass a test or something.
'smart enough to be a politician'
'smart enough to be a journalist'
'smart enough to be a criminal'
(progressive levels)

If you are a professor who is a Liberal politician, you have to be REALLY smart...especially if you plan to be friendly with the publicly owned media!