A Pilgrim Perspective

I am just catching up a bit, being without most media this summer, so this is a bit tardy...

Sophie Caldecott gives her perspective on what the media missed at WYD in Sydney:

"Despite the fact that a representative from almost every corner of the world could be found at this dynamic event, despite the atmosphere of elation, energy and love, and despite many interesting talks, the main -- perhaps only -- interest of the English media was the relatively small group of protesters who wanted to make sure that their objections to the Catholic Church didn't go unheard.

The angle the media was trying to spin on the story seems absurd to someone who was there, singing and dancing in the brightly coloured crowd. This was not just any crowd -- when else and for what other reason in the world would that many young people get together and be so considerate and friendly toward each other, so joyful and excited and unselfconscious without being drunk or on drugs? There was clearly something else going on at that gathering, something unique and fascinating that the media completely failed to pick up on, and it had nothing to do with protesters..."

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