Alberta, Land of the Wuss

Ezra Levant lambastes the Alberta HRC:

"The Alberta human rights commission -- in other words, the Government of Alberta -- is trying to persuade newcomers to Alberta to support their grievance industry, and become little race hustlers, little Al Sharptons, just like Khurrum Awan of the Canadian Islamic Congress. It makes sense; complaints are down 15% year over year in Alberta; if all of those professional race hustlers in Ed Stelmach's government are going to keep their jobs, they need new complaints, and fast..."(h/t the black kettle)

I'm with Ezra...it just isn't as great to admit I was born there anymore! My grandfather was an ACTUAL pioneer, and he would have no more complained about bad manners to the gov't than he would expect them to pay him for not working!

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