How Will The CCCB Respond?

Human Life Int'l is asking all Catholic clergy WORLDWIDE to sign a document in explicit support of 'Humanae Vitae':

"HLI President Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer said, 'In the face of a whole generation of silence and dissent to this most critical of all papal encyclicals, HLI is endeavoring to form a new generation of assent, both from the ranks of the existing clergy and among those who are studying for Holy Orders.'"

One wonders how the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops will respond to this challenge, having yet to rescind their infamous 'Winnipeg Statement'.

I'm also interested to know whether they feel any personal responsibility for the moral morass that now exists in Canada, most specifically the deplorable actions of 'Catholic' politicians over the last 30 years!

Maybe now would be a good time to make amends?

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