Planned Parenthood

Apparantly in a bid to find 'Unconditional Love', a group of teenage girls from Gloucester Highschool became pregnant ON PURPOSE.

This is not really unusual, except for the 'pact' that they made with each other. We've heard of intentional pregnancies for this reason before.

The interesting feature of this story is that public health workers who had been lobbying unsuccessfully to distribute contraceptives at the highschool, somehow link the pregnancies to 'proof' that contraceptives are necessary!


What might have helped, is a little Christian education on where to find 'UNCONDITIONAL LOVE'. And maybe just a little bit of work on 'How to love yourself, because GOD loves YOU. '

Somehow, I don't believe the distribution of contraceptives helps with either finding love, or loving oneself. The motivation of the health workers is NOT the welfare of the girls, but rather a promotion of a contraceptive mentality - a removal of love from the discussion.


Jeanne said...

Yeah, no kidding. The whole point of contraception is so you don't have to BE in a loving monogamous relationship. So women can have the same "freedom" as men, to have sex and then dump the person afterwards with no apparent consequences. Except for the invisible psychological and spiritual ones.

Lauren Oostveen said...

WOW! This has to be one of the strangest things I've ever read! Huh!