BAD Doctors

Doctors in Winnipeg are refusing to work in effort to force the death by starvation of a handicapped, responsive patient whose family opposes killing him:

"'It appears that the doctors are intentionally pressuring the system into a crisis in order for them to get their way and stop providing treatment for Samuel Golubchuk,' Mr. Schadenberg said.

He further explained: 'The legal system clearly gives the institution the advantage. Grace hospital has hired, at taxpayers' expense, the best legal team in Manitoba to represent their position while the Golubchuk family is left to their own limited resources to protect the values of their father. Clearly the system leans heavily towards supporting the hospital's agenda.'

'It is also too bad that the physicians and Grace Hospital in Winnipeg continue to refuse to respect the orthodox Jewish faith perspective of the Golubchuk family. The circumstances of this case are not common and require a special sensitivity to solve,' Mr. Schadenberg concluded.

Golubchuk's family is continuing to fight for the 84-year-old man's life, arguing that he is not in a vegetative state and that he is only receiving the most basic care of artificial nutrition and hydration. "

Note: These 'doctors' are listed as faculty at the University of Manitoba, so we have a lot to look forward to! Not only is there a shortage of doctors, but they're being taught how to kill off patients that aren't worth the space. Very efficient.

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