Plague of 'Best Interests'

Bobby Schindler comments on the common medical practice of starving and dehydrating handicapped patients:
Factors such as what is being taught in our medical schools, the breakdown of our health care system, the powerful influence of assisted suicide organizations, and the propaganda of our mainstream media have taken their toll.

As a result, the physically and mentally “inferior” are being denied the most basic care—food and water—in our nation’s medical facilities every day. (Thank goodness we have laws making it a felony if we do the same to an animal, although I would expect there would be a greater outcry if it were the family pets at risk.)

"Equally as disturbing is the fact that our politicians, including our two presidential candidates, ignore this issue and because of it are failing in one of the most important responsibilities they have as leaders—to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Perhaps our general public doesn’t have a clue as to how widespread this problem is in our nation today. This ignorance is in large part because of a stealth and powerful lobby who support patient dehydration based on quality of life judgments. This has slowly but surely changed our laws regarding food and water. Nutrition and hydration through a feeding tube, once considered basic care, are now recognized as 'artificial nutrition and hydration'—and therefore a form of 'medical treatment...'"

DO NOT let anyone you love, go to hospital without your constant and vigilant 'watch'. Especially if they are elderly, unconcious, or 'handicapped'!! And even with your advocacy, they are still at risk of being detemined 'not competent to live'.

I guess doctors are vying to be the new 'deity' in the religion of secular humanism.

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