Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

RedCardigan writes (very well):

"Imagine an American Christian family in the not-too-distant future. Like many families today, they're unhappy with the public school their children attend, but can't afford private schools, either. They've thought about homeschooling, but since the passage of the Educational Diversity Act of 20--, they know that even homeschoolers must use "approved diverse" textbooks and materials, which include units on homosexual families, pictures of gay men and lesbians with the children they are currently raising, and even "sex ed" materials that include discussions of heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, transgender, and other "options" which the child is encouraged to explore in order to discover "hyser's" orientation..."

This kind of curriculum is already in place in parts of Canada and the UK. Homeschoolers are already facing more and more restrictions. Small businesses are already being sued, employees already being intimidated, Christian churches already being stifled. This future is THIS AFTERNOON!

We still sleep.

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