Jay has found a gem of an article at Regular Guy Paul:

"...Nearly 50 million innocents have been lost to abortion in the U.S., and your primary effort as Catholics is to do your utmost to distract Catholics from their efforts to fight abortion. You don't pray rosaries at abortion clinics, you don't write about the evils of abortion in your columns, blogs and websites, and you certainly don't trouble yourself to vote against candidates who support abortion rights. No, you tell people that they cannot oppose abortion in their way, but only in your way. And what's your way of opposing abortion? Doing nothing other than telling pro-lifers not to fight abortion, as though nothing can be done at all unless everyone adopts your ineffectual methods.

As Archbishop Naumann recently wrote, if every Catholic Democrat in America objected to the pro-abortion plank in the Democratic Party platform, it would change tomorrow.

But there is no credible effort in the Democratic Party to eliminate the pro-abortion plank..."

Douglas Kmiec needs to spend some time in a locked room with this 'regular' guy!


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Douglas Kmiec needs to spend some time in a locked room with this 'regular' guy!

A fun thought perhaps, but in real life, barring a singular gift of grace, I doubt I'd have the forbearance to refrain from choking the life out of him.

Thanks for the link, though!

Tito Edwards said...

It's a shame that people like Kmiec are dazzled by style and ignore evil substance behind many of Obama's policies.