The Canadian Facist - Coming Home?

Louise Arbour has completed her tenure as head of the UN 'High Commission for Human Rights'(LifesiteNews):

"During Arbour's stint as High Commissioner, she retooled human rights treaty monitoring bodies. In the four years since Arbour took the helm, each of the treaty bodies responsible for monitoring state compliance with their obligations under various human rights treaties has become increasingly critical of laws restricting abortion.

Homosexual rights groups had praised Arbour's appointment to the post of High Commissioner. In 2006, Arbour gave the opening address at the international homosexual rights conference and encouraged conference-goers "to make greater use of the international human rights institutions, ultimately for the benefit of the greater number of rights-holders," urging non-governmental organizations "to include sexual orientation and gender identity in their agenda and to partner with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered [LGBT] NGOs to advocate better protection of human rights for everyone."

What next, Louise? Any more REAL rights to trample? (sovereign,life,religion,free-speech). Perhaps you can help the CHRC out of a jam by standing up to those freedom bullies...you know, those ordinary Canadians who think they have the right to THINK ON THEIR OWN, and SPEAK THEIR MINDS!

I tell ya, between Louise Arbour, Stephen Lewis and Moe Strong, Canada has a LOT to answer for. Will the world ever recover?

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