Canada; UK; US ;Europe - the homosexual activist lobby is not satisfied with being 'left alone'. They seem to be aiming for a total realignment of reality. They want the next generation of children to be born into a world where sexuality is unimportant. Where there is no significance to being male or female, no mother and father, no identity with a particular gender. Every possible combination of sexual preference and behavior ok. Every social structure to honour and preserve family and marriage obliterated. (No particular significance to being human. No God.)

They imagine they will accomplish this through the courts, the UN, the EU.

Through the public schools.

(As a Catholic family with eight children, I feel that we are doing our part to supply the RESISTANCE that will assuredly be required. Also the sacrifices and prayers. We know the end of the story - Lucifer loses. I'm just not really looking forward to the battle - homosexual activism being only one legion to contend with.)

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