"Environmental (Mis)education"

Kenneth Green , D.Env., writes in the Fraser Forum :

"In an examination of environmental textbooks used widely both in Canada and the United States...(the scientists) found that many of the books and learning materials they reviewed had 'serious flaws', provided 'superficial coverage of science',and mixed 'science with advocacy'. Textbooks were found to have three major flaws: they exaggerate environmental problems; they emphasize harm by humans while ignoring the good they do; and they encourage students to take political action before they've learned the underlying realities of environmental issues."

This Fraser Institute report is an eye-opener. I suppose the intended result of 'mis-educating', was meant to be support for things like the global warming scare-mongering. Very nearly successful, except for the actual scientists in the field that are still inconveniently alive and voicing their dissent .

It boggles the mind.

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