Canada gets more and more publicity -around the world every day- for totalitarian 'human rights' commission activities! How long will the Canadian Gov't be able to hold up its head in international conversations about 'democracy' and 'freedom'? How long will the Canadian public be able to cling to their self-concept as freedom loving , peaceful, and benign?


"HERE is a little known fact about Canada. It is today a country where you can say or write things that are true and yet still be brought before a tribunal.

That tribunal can fine you; it can order you to pay money to the people who complained about your words; it can force you to issue an apology; it can do all three.

That's not all, though. The people who complained will not need to hire a lawyer.

Their costs will be picked up by the state, by the taxpayers.

You, on the other hand, will have to hire a lawyer to defend yourself. And there will be no award of costs at the end, so that even if you win, you will still be out of pocket to your lawyers tens of thousands of dollars.

Of course, you will not win.

Why? Because in the entire history of these Canadian tribunals, hearing these cases, those people like you who have been hauled before these tribunals have never won - not one single time.

The complainants always win."

But that's OK. Because Mr. Ian Fine,Director General CHRC, says it fits in with UN discussions on limiting free-speech, even if it doesn't exactly get unanimous support at home...

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(h/tmagic statistics)

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