Outrageous Action - Christian Reaction

A couple in Cesena ,Italy (couple - in that they were coupling -I can't vouch for their 'relationship') decided that since they were atheists, they should be able to 'have sex' in the Cathedral. During Mass.
Some poor soul who was there, later informed police, and the two were arrested for perfoming sexual acts in public. (Apparantly that's still illegal in Italy)

"Bishop Antonio Lanfranchi of Cesena-Sarsina has announced a Mass of Reparation, saying that the couple's behavior was blasphemous and offensive, showing "a complete lack of respect" for the sacred and for their Catholic neighbors."

To say the least!

(Any bets what another religion's response to this outrage might have been? In Italy? In England?)

I don't believe Christianity is appreciated enough for its peaceful responses to injury and insult. Really!

(h/t CWNews.com )

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