Holocaust Analogy IS Appropriate

Here's why.

In WWII the world saw the result of dehumanizing disregard for the inherent and equal value of every human life. Millions died cruelly because they were not 'human' in the eyes of their assassins.

Today, 4000 children are murdered daily in the US alone.They die cruelly, and are disposed of as if they were farm refuse. They are not considered to be 'human' by law or by their assassins.

Apparently the lesson has not been learned. If comparing these two atrocities is to be considered in 'bad taste' or inappropriate, is it because we have accepted the assassins' viewpoint? Do we not consider these human lives as valuable as any others? Are we following a 'rubric of human value' that places those with power at the top, and those who are vulnerable and , yes, dependant, at the bottom?

If this is the case, in what way have we progressed from the callous indifference of the western world to the terrible persecution of the Jews and others in WWII? In what way are we any better than the SS?

The analogy, ugly as it is, IS justified and appropriate. We deserve to have it put in our faces over and over until we GET IT!!

As long as we are comfortable to do nothing about this TODAY holocaust, we should be bombarded with the truth of our moral cowardice and laziness until we RISE UP in defense of life, or expire with the guilt of millions of deaths on our souls.

Here is a group doing something, with courage and perseverance in the face of opposition from the perpetrators of unjust deaths themselves and the squeamish cowards who stand by doing nothing good:

A pro-life activist who equates abortion with the Holocaust will bring his controversial message to Halifax.

Jose Ruba is co-founder of the pro-life Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and former executive director of the National Campus Life Network, two groups fighting to bring the anti-abortion message to campuses across Canada.

Ruba's lecture, entitled "Echoes of the Holocaust," will be held Thursday at 6 p.m. at Saint Mary's University in the Burke building...

...Saint Mary's student Joseph Westin is one of the organizers of Thursday's event.

The founder of the group Saint Mary's Students for Life, doesn't equate one "atrocity" with another, but says he does see similarities between abortion and the Holocaust.

"They're targeting a section of society, which happens to be unborn babies and they're eradicating them," he says. "They're saying they're not people and it's legal, just as it was in [Nazi] Germany."

And yes, Joseph is my son. We're very pleased that he's a STAND UP guy!

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