Cathedral Fire

A fire at Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, early this morning, puts the Cathedral back to 'square one' with their renovations.

Breaking News:

...Jimmy Lago, chancellor of the archdiocese, called the damage "awful."

"It's a tragedy just to see it," he said. "...My heart goes out to the parishioners and those who worship here."

The five red, broad-brimmed cardinals' hats, or galeros, suspended from the ceiling, were soaked, Lago said. Each of those hats was raised to the ceiling on a cardinal's death.

The fire may have been related to some renovation. Lago noted that work was being done on pillars in the cathedral and on some deteriorating wood high in the rafters. He said a worker was present at the time the fire broke out, but didn't know if he was working in the area where the fire started. (Earlier, Lago said no workers were present.)

The fire was under control at 7:30 a.m., but fire officials said they still would make larger holes in the roof to pour in more water...

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