Blunt Reality Check

This guy tells it plainly enough for EVERYONE to get!

Dwayne Reaves:
Get mad if you want, I don't care.

This story on CNN is one of those stories where you just have to wonder what people actually think they are doing in the first place. A brief summary here,

1 A woman, or the government pays to have abortion
2 Doctor not present and baby comes out naturally after woman was dialated.
3 Doctor not present to smash babies head or suck it up in vacuum cleaner
4 Nurses do not know where hammer to smash babies head or forcepts to squeeze life out of it are at.
5 Baby laying there breathing after it is born.
6 Nurses throw living baby in bag and put it in dumpster.
7 Woman sues doctor and staff for killing baby, although that is what she hired them to do.

With the exception of the doctor not being there, is there any of you that actually think that something different goes on when you have an abortion? No matter how you look at it, you are taking a life. You may be able to live with it a little better because you cannot actually see these acts taking place, but they are taking place my friend.

Now I would like to know how come someone has not been charged with murder. I don't care how many times the Supreme Court say that abortion is legal, once that baby is outside a woman's body, no one has the right to take that childs life. And everyone that watched and said nothing about it should be charged with an accessory to murder...

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