Florida Has Problems...

Just days after the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI has ordered an apostolic visitation of all non-contemplative women’s religious orders in the United States, LifeSiteNews has learned that a notorious Catholic dissenter, known for her promotion of goddess-worship and “eco-spirituality,” is scheduled to speak at the Miami Archdiocese’s Saint Thomas University...

Announced in the diocesan bulletin no less! Miami is in trouble, and its not the only diocese in Florida to have a Bishop that at the very least is seen to be supportive of dissenters to the faith. We have travelled through Florida twice a year for several years, and I have yet to find a parish I'd like to return to! Each visit to a Catholic church has been at least saddening, sometimes shocking in its liturgical abuses and warping of Catholic theology. Dissent.

Although we(G.Cayman) are closer geographically to Miami, I am ever so grateful that our 'missio' parish is 'attached' to Detroit!

*disclaimer* I know that there are many faithful Catholics and Catholic clergy in Florida. I pray for their perseverance. If anyone wants to send me some suggestions of faithful parishes in Tampa, Orlando, and north on the I95, I'd be grateful!

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Steven P. Barrett said...

Take it from a '74 STU-Biscayne alum, things have surely gone off the track down there. There was no heresy when the Augustinians ran the college when I was a student. You would think a diocesan college would be a straight-shooter. Wouldn't you?

Just look at their schools of theology, excuse me, "practical" or in reality, liberation theology and you'll see how this came to pass.