God Listens - 40 Days For Life Wraps Up

(from Julie Culshaw 40 Days For Life, Halifax, Canada via e-mail)

The latest campaign of 40 Days for Life closed yesterday. 135 cities in the United States, Canada, Australia and Northern Ireland took part in this campaign and 355 babies are known to have been saved from death.

In the last 20 months, since 40 Days became an international pro life campaign, there have been 466 campaigns in 240 cities in all 50 states,
plus Brazil, England, Northern Ireland, Australia and six cities in Canada. Over 200,000 people were involved in the prayer vigils, over 4000 churches of all denominations got involved, 17 abortion workers left their jobs and sought work elsewhere, 3 abortion clinics closed down completely after the prayer campaigns, many other clinics have scaled back their hours as business is down.

But the most amazing fact is that 1,483 lives were spared from abortion because of the cumulative imapct of the campaigns in the last 20 months. And those are only the ones that we know about. There are many more that we may never hear of, as women came to clinics, changed their minds without letting the vigil participants know, and went on to carry their babies to term.

This pro life movement is having tremendous impact on society in the Western World. This is the largest coordinated pro life campaign in history and the momentum is growing. People who have been longing to see the end of abortion are gaining hope as they hear the stories from these campaigns. And there is a renewed optimism that we can, in fact, DO something about abortion. We don't just have to wish it were different, we don't just have to bemoan the number of abortions, we can actually join all the thousands of other pro life people who are praying and those prayers are being heard.

God is faithful to us and is answering prayers. So for those who want to see an end to abortion, look at what is working right now! and join the next campaign.

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