William Daley, "Chicago Catholic" , Embarrassed (Oh Woe!)

Father John Zuhlsdorf comments on Daley's 'bad catholic' response to Catholic outrage over honouring the dishonorable at Notre Dame. He points out the false premises and corrupt thinking of a man who is more 'Chicago' than he is a Christian. That does not a 'good Catholic' make!

...A main talking point clutched by Catholics who are trying to defend the invitation by Notre Shame to Pres. Obama is that disapprobation of the invitation is really political.

That is because the defenders of the invitation are long-habituated to reducing what are really questions of faith and reason to politics.

With that in mind, let’s see what a long-time Chicago Democrat politician, not coincidentally named "Daley", brother of the current Mayor of Chicago, Pres. Clinton’s Secretary of Commerce, chairman of Vice-Pres. Gore’s campaign, supporter of Pres. Obama, the Loyola University educated William M. Daley has to say.

He is the ultimate Catholic Democrat/Obama insider....

Father Z goes on to take Daley's 'complaint' apart - line by line. A great read!

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