Not The Only Idiot In Britain

Tony Blair believes that the Pope's 'attitude' towards homosexuality is a 'generational' issue. Who is responsible for this man's RCIA? His wife?!

... In separate media venues this week, former British Prime Minister and his wife have attacked Pope Benedict XIV and the Catholic teaching on homosexuality and the use of condoms to prevent the spread of AIDS.

In an interview with Attitude, a homosexual magazine, Tony Blair said that Pope Benedict's objection to homosexual behaviour is a "generational" issue and that any change in Catholic teaching on the matter is resisted by Church leaders because of "fear" among religious leaders of changing with the times...

WHY DID HE BOTHER BECOMING A CATHOLIC? Really, what was the point ?

As Blair points out in the article, he is surrounded by 'Catholics' who do not believe church teachings on contraception, homosexuality or abortion. One of those 'Catholics' is his wife, Cherie Blair, vocal dissident and supporter of Planned Parenthood. Britain appears to be full of 'Catholics' with no idea of the meaning of BEING Catholic.

The new Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, has his hands full!


Frank Braccia said...

The True Church decided in the 1960's that truth has degrees of relativity , It opened a philosophical door that allowed ideals and rituals to be reinvented and a belief that things should –can change... Tony Blair just takes the Vatican II Time bomb to its likely conclusions. Lex orandi, lex credendi.. I remember once in Cayman a presbyter ( I hesitate to actually call him a priest) came visiting from Barbados or Jamaica or somewhere and taught the children a new hymn… Jesus is king of the Jungle OHH OHH OHH ,, Lex orandi, lex credendi (as we pray so we believe) so The Savior is just a monkey.. Don’t need Feuerbach to figure these out. If Blair thinks the church needs to change and adapt its philosophies for the modern world.. well he damn well would have been taught that in his conversion classes as that is the shinning star (or as Papa Montini said the Smoke of satan) of Vatican II,

island breezes said...

Its a bit late in the day to still be using VaticanII as an excuse for everything. Much of what needs correction comes down to dissidents and those without enough faith to get through trials.

Whether Blair lacked initial intent, or received bad instruction,part of his 'problem' is a lack af adherence to Church teachings. A faithful Catholic needs to be in a state of soul open to receiving the Sacraments. Its impossible to do that while rejecting the Church and her teachings.

Tantris said...

Yet If the the church does not know what it belives in or rather gives mixed messages then this is the result. We can not go back to 1950 to be sure be we can reform our changes, sort out our beliefs and take a lesson from the 2000 year history of the church. St Athenaius said he would rather say mass in an empty church then a church fill of heresy. He spoke of Arianism and we live in a age of modernism and relativism just as bad for the faith. I just returned from Rome on friday and was very happy to see so many churches restored to a Catholic beauty and ritual, Out Holy Father is on the right track, and as always to be a Christian is a strugle..