"Bare Minimum Catholics"


...This “Get Religion” writer calls a recent Gallup Poll further confirmation that there are four Catholic voter blocs. He identifies them this way:

—“Ex-Catholics. Solid for the Democrats.”

—“Cultural Catholics who may go to church a few times a year. This may be an undecided voter, but this vote leans to Democrats.”

—“Sunday-morning American Catholics. This voter is a regular in the pew and may even play some leadership role in the parish. This is the true Catholic swing vote.”

—“The ‘sweats the details’ Roman Catholic who goes to confession, is active in the full sacramental life of the parish and almost always backs the Vatican on doctrinal matters. This group is a small slice of the American Catholic pie.”

Let’s rename and redefine that last category. Instead of “sweats the details” Catholics, let’s call them:

Bare minimum Catholics. Catholics who at least follow the ‘indispensable minimum’: the precepts of the Church....

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Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Another clear illustration of liberal contempt.

One wonders what the writer thinks is the point of being Catholic at all.