Social Rights, Or Not

Rachel Patterson at ASI writes :
...The term 'right' has come to characterize anything to which either the government or the citizenry feel they can make a fundamental claim to – but this is to express a deep misunderstanding of rights and their traditional link to civil liberties. Instead, a definition of rights has evolved which people almost universally accept but which remains false and untrue to their original intention. Rights began as protections against what the state could not do to a citizen; now they have become what the government must do for an individual....

Now they become an excuse for citizens to attack each other based on whose 'rights' have precedence. Now the basic human rights originally guaranteed are sublimated to the 'right of the week'. Free speech is being thrown aside for the sake of being 'non-offensive'. Freedom of religion must bow to gov't sponsored affirmation of homosexual behaviour. The right to life has been replaced by the right of the more powerful to snuff out the life of the vulnerable AT WHIM.

We are entering a very repressive age, calling itself tolerant, and revoking rights in the name of 'rights'.


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