I Love Being Catholic

(picture of Roman Catholic priest blessing palms, Palm Sunday, Manila)

I really do. I also love being Catholic in Cayman.

We had a lovely procession from the school to the church this morning. First Father blessed the palms. Several parishioners from Cayman's Phillipino community had added palms they had already folded into decorative designs - enough for quite a few of us to be able to share! They were very beautiful, and I couldn't help reflecting on the wonderful Catholic unity exemplified by our parish of St. Ignatius.

When we arrived at the church, near the end of the procession , it was to discover that there was standing room only! We have 5 Sunday Masses and all are full. Today we were overflowing. I'll gladly take having to stand in a full church, over a seat in an empty church!

I am a Christian. I Love Christ. And I Love being a part of His Church.

Palm Weaving

(palms in Mexico)

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