Global Warming...Literarily(?)

Scooping the opera, opening now at the Trousered Ape:


Duet: (Algor) (Carbona Dioxida)
. She'll join with me and we shall share /I will abandon all and dare
. A glittering golden prize./ To aid his enterprise.
. The lure of riches and of power/ Farewell to twig and leaf and flower...
. Will always tantalize./ But is he telling lies?
. An endless rain of wealth shall fall/ Does he, behind his siren call,
. Like manna from the skies,/ Some subtle plot disguise?
. When I attain to mastery,/ No matter now, he masters me,
. As sure as sun shall rise./ And bids me to arise.
At a gesture from Algor, Carbona Dioxida rises and comes to him, as one in a trance....

(I have to agree with Jay, BRILLIANT!)

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