What Next?

An interesting article by Fr. Raymond De Souza, about recent developments with the Anclican Communion:

"Many of those who are not attending Lambeth are in Jerusalem this week for an alternative meeting, to discuss how they see the way forward. The parallel meetings are a clear manifestation that the bonds of communion have broken down. The Archbishop of Canterbury is not in Jerusalem, and is not welcome there. The breach appears irreparable and therefore the Anglican Communion's days as a global community centred in Canterbury are numbered.
That is a sadness for those, like myself, who have affection for the Anglican sensibility. But sensibilities are not doctrines, and it cannot be the case that members of the same communion can hold directly contradictory views on matters of grave importance. The Canadian and American proponents of same-sex marriages are arguing that homosexual acts can be morally good, and even sacramental. The traditional Christian view is that such acts are sinful. That is a gap that cannot be bridged: Either one holds to the ancient and constant teaching of the Christian Church, or one rejects it in favour of a different position. It cannot be that both views exist side-by-side as equally acceptable options."

In a related story, Anglican parishes that have broken away from the Episcopal Church in Virginia have won a court battle to retain their Church property.

"Misunderstanding GAFCON"

"Brokenness vs. Schism"

As a Christian, a Catholic, and spouse of an Anglican (Prayerbook), I look forward to positive developments. Is it reasonable to hope that the Anglican Communion can be restored to Truth? Is it reasonable to hope that the faithful remnant can find a home in the Universal Church?
I'm not sure that I'm hoping for something specific. I am praying to our God, that His will be done, and that the faithful loving servants of His find peace , somehow.

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