REAL Youth

Crossroads brings the 'Culture of Life' to communities across America, Canada and Ireland (LifeNews):

"College student Nicole Hendershot is one of the walkers -- inspired when a previous group traveled through her hometown of Billings, Montana.

'I'm very passionate about pro-life, and it just sounded like something that was right up my alley,' Hendershot told the Rapid City, South Dakota newspaper as her group arrived in town recently. 'Just to be a peaceful witness to the dignity and sanctity of all human life from conception.'

The walkers wear T-shirts with a very visible "Pro-Life" message on the front so motorists can see then. When they arrive in most towns, the walkers distribute pro-life literature to local residents.

Erin Bertrand, a 20-year-old Benedictine College student told the Journal her group is getting significant support from most communities.

'It's been really great to realize that this half of the country so far is pro-life,' Bertrand said. 'It's the support, it's stuff like that keeps us going.'"

These youth are the people who will be raising the families of tomorrow. They will be the 'functional' and 'productive' members of society, when we are in our dotage.

I am greatly encouraged!

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