Canada - The Junior High Years

For those who don't know, I have eight children, 7 yr. to 24yr. Over the course of the last 24 years, I've known a few 11-14yr. old kids. Mercifully, because we homeschool, we have avoided quite a bit of the totally self-centered and obliviously obnoxious behavior of that demographic, not to mention the rather vicious attempts to 'win' against authority, and 'beat' rivals for popularity. (We have't missed all of it mind you, my kids didn't skip those years, but quite a bit.)

It occured to me last night, thinking about Canada's upcoming 'birthday', that at 141 years - Canada has reached Junior High.

Here's Ezra with his latest report card:"Who Died and Made Rob Wells Pope?".

How do you send the whole country to the Principal's office, and do they still do that? Can we 'homeschool' Canada, or are we doomed to follow the bad example of 'big brothers' like Sweden and France and Germany. Why is Canada such a slow learner? Why can't Canada be its own person, like the US, instead of following the 'crowd'.

When will Canada GROW UP!

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