Education : Who's Right?

"The Church does not deny the right of the State to decree compulsory education so long as such decrees do not abrogate other and more fundamental rights. It should be remembered , however, that compulsion on the part of the State is not the exercise of a primary and predominant right (for this belongs to the parents and to the Church), but must be justified by considerations of the public good."(Angelus Press)

Like sheep to be sheared, we have given over our fundamental rights and responsibilities to a State that perceives the teaching of 'homosexual lifestyle' to be a matter of the 'public good'.That considers our Christian heritage to be anathema. They have abused their mandate. They will continue to do so, unobstructed, until every man's child is a true and faithful child of the State - obedient and willing in all their endeavors, and free from the influence and protection of a non-existent family.

In the last ten years, how many Catholic schools have been closed? How many have become 'Catholic Aura' schools?

Catholics can save the world,literally, by taking up their parental responsibilities, given to them by God, and taking charge of the adequate Catholic education of their children.

We need to stop being so complacent and lazy!

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