Almost Good News, Kinda

Good coverage on the latest chapter of CHRC 'doings' at 'The World Tonight':

"..This is a perfectly logical conclusion, but I'm not prepared to concede that the Canadian Human Rights Commission reached this conclusion for the right reasons. Obviously, the BC Human Rights Tribunal went to far as to conduct a hearing on the Steyn piece (verdict still pending), and the Ontario Commission clearly wishes it could have - so are we really to believe the federal commission is simply that much more enlightened that its provincial counterparts?"

Links to the complainant, the defendant and commentary by Ezra Levant.
(h/t The Black Kettle)

Meanwhile,Magic Statistics points out to the CHRC that Friday's Supreme Court decision clarifying the difference between 'fair' and 'fair comment' might cramp their style.

In other news, PM Stephen Harper won a Human Rights Award from the B'nai Brith! (I'm not sure how this is going to help..)

With Canada Day just around the corner, maybe Harper has a birthday present in mind?

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