Pay Your Dues - Support Repression

The repressive nature of the anti-life advocates is astounding. In two related articles, people paying membership fees are being denied the right to support 'life', although their fees are being used to oppose any effort at providing information on 'life' options. Apparantly INFORMATION is contrary to 'choice'!

In case anyone believes that today's student unions are less radically opposed to the freedom of women to SEE ALL THE INFORMATION than in the 'communist' days (remember those Marxists that showed up at our 'funding' rallies?)HELLO!!! - they still have the same guys writing their position papers! And they are still failed activists trying to feel influential. The Canadian Federation of Students (which all university students are obliged to support) passed a motion brought forward by York Univ:
"The successful motion read: 'Be it resolved that member locals [of the CFS] that refuse to allow anti-choice organizations access to their resources and space be supported. And further, be it resolved that a pro-choice organization kit be created that may include materials such as a fact sheet, buttons, contact information for local pro-choice organizations and research on anti-choice organizations and the conservative think-tanks that fund them,'"more...

Maybe these are also the same guys who write the position papers for Unions? Where Union fees are used to repress anything remotely free choice like NOT supporting things that have NOTHING TO DO WITH UNION BUSINESS:

"PSAC by its advocacy has maintained that the collection of its union dues and support of conscientious issues is more important than accommodating religious or conscientious objections of its members."

Repressive. Oppressive. Bigoted. Thievery.

(Promotion of homosexuality as a legitimate, equal or 'superior' lifestyle IS anti-life!)

Rant Over.

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