The Canadian media call the Canadian Catholic Bishops 'wimps':

"'The Catholic Church in Canada is almost quintessentially Canadian.'

As CTV's Roberton and the National Post's Lewis nodded in agreement and the crowd applauded its own agreement, Kavanaugh concluded: 'I only say that because there are all kinds of issues which have real moral implications for society that we (the mainstream media) are not afraid of tackling. But if people with large stakes and expertise in the area are unwilling to engage in the discussion then don't be surprised if the discussion is carried out in a way that you will say, 'my God why don't they have a Catholic on that panel, why are all the bioethicists on that panel secular bioethicists'. The reason is that no bioethicists grounded in faith will return a call.'

Not content to merely nod in agreement Charles Lewis of the National Post asked to address the same point. He noted that such issues are not engaged in out of fear of 'getting in trouble', but Lewis asked 'who do you get in trouble with'. 'Especially with the Catholic church built on martyrs or you think of Bonhoffer, they really got in trouble. So what if somebody gets angry at you? Grow up, what's the big deal, somebody calls you up and says you shouldn't have said that, say 'too bad it's a free country; I think that's what it takes.'"

Now, to be fair, not ALL the Bishops are wimps. Several speak out regularly, and the coverage is neither 'stellar' nor particularly balanced. One Bishop has even been brought before the nefarious CHRC for preaching Christianity.

I hope someone asks the 'journalists' why the voice of the Catholic man on the street is not worth their time, but the voice of any homosexual/feminist/abortionist who crosses the street, is front page news. I don't buy the media's 'its not our fault', although they have made a valid counter-point.

Why don't more of the Bishops stand up for the faith?

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