Crappy Broadcasting Corp.

Lorne Gunter hammers the CBC :

"The corporation ceased to be accountable to viewers years ago (witness its ratings decline over the past two decades). It wants a seven-year budget so it no longer needs to be accountable to government. And now it wants no ads so it isn't accountable to sponsors, either.

What the CBC wants is to be accountable only to itself and the few tens (occasionally hundreds) of thousands of smug, liberal-left elitists who are left watching or listening to its increasingly shrill, proselytizing line-up.

Continuing to fund the CBC with tax dollars is unconscionable in a "changing media landscape" in which most consumers are paying $100 to $200 a month for the private radio and television services they really want.

If the Harper government wanted to do the right thing, it would ignore Mr. Lacroix. It would wrap up, rather than ramp-up, the CBC." (National Post)

Personally, though I would miss Don Cherry, I wouldn't miss anything else on CBCTV. I have to admit I am a loyal CBC2 Radio fan - or was. They appear to be suicidal. Can the lot . Let the market find my demographic and cater to it. I hear we're in the majority... I can't be the only 'approaching fifty' who likes knowledgeable classical music programming, and hates myopic left wing jibber-jabber.

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