Submissions Call - 'The Alexandrian'

Here's a note from the editor of 'The Alexandrian':

Hi everyone!

With a little more than a week until our June 8th deadline for the "Time and Eternity" summer issue, we haven't accepted any short stories, philosophy or art! This gives us several alternatives:

1) the summer issue can be a "poetry" issue;
2) as a primarily student-driven group, we can eliminate the summer issue;
3) you can submit stories, art and philosophy now;
4) we can extend the deadline and publish later in the summer.

Of course, I would prefer the third or fourth possibilities, but your response will determine our direction. Please, let me know what you would like to see!

Submissions can be sent directly to me at cath.nolan@gmail.com. Check here for specifics. And please don't be afraid to submit work - if it is accepted, our editors can help you with everything from footnotes in essays to metre in poetry.

God bless,


P.S. Is "Time and Eternity" a really hard topic for everyone but the poets? What do you think about the "Work" theme for the fall issue?

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