US Accused of Lying To Secure Support For Gay 'Rights' Declaration


In their statement in support of the “sexual orientation” declaration, the US stated that it was proud to join in support of “LGBT rights”, which the delegate likened to the struggle for democracy in parts of the world, including the Middle East. In a press release issued today, the US touted its role in securing 20 additional countries to sign onto this year’s declaration, who had not signed onto the 2008 or 2006 statements.

Which apparently they acquired by lying, through a series of meetings, to the Latin American delegates, telling them that the Vatican had changed its opposition to the declaration. US officials acknowledge they had meetings, but deny lying... they only IMPLIED that the Vatican was now in agreement.

"..they were only told that the Holy See was against violence against all individuals including those based on their sexual orientation."

Archbishop Tomasi clarifies the Vatican's actual stand :

“Human sexuality, like any voluntary activity, possesses a moral dimension,” said Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, on behalf of the Holy See. “It is an activity which puts the individual will at the service of a finality; it is not an “identity”. In other words, it comes from the action and not from the being, even though some tendencies or “sexual orientations” may have deep roots in the personality. Denying the moral dimension of sexuality leads to denying the freedom of the person in this matter, and undermines ultimately his/her ontological dignity,” said Tomasi.

UN Human rights - rights without the freedom 'to be' or the dignity 'of being' more than a body with bodily functions . A world where the human being is just a body - and only some bodies are valuable. Gays ,apparently , are somebodies - but only when 'being' gay? Perhaps you are only a 'somebody' if you are having sex. That fits with current attitudes towards the unborn, the old, sick, disabled or poor(except those having sex- they are very interested in those bodies).


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