LifeSiteNews Story Inspires Int'l Effort

LifeSiteNews prints the stories we never read in the secular media. The secular media have a perspective that does not revere life... more than that , it has an agenda to depreciate the value of life.

Thanks to LifeSiteNews taking an interest in the Maraachli family's struggle against the 'omnipotence' of the Canadian medical society and the shallow inhumanity of a Canadian judge, prayer warriors and life activists leapt to the aid of 'Baby Joseph'.


The anti-euthanasia leader (Alex Schadenberg) says that our Feb. 17 article “launched the world-wide concern for baby Joseph.” After that, he says, “LifeSiteNews continued to publish daily articles that were accurate and they led the world-wide media in covering the baby Joseph story.”

Indeed, perhaps none of our recent stories illustrates better just what kind of impact LSN can have - literally saving lives - by simply by publishing the truth...

...Only at LSN did readers find the original interview with expert and pioneer neonatologist Dr. Paul Byrne, a champion for families fighting for appropriate care, who insisted that Joseph should have had the tracheotomy all along. Dr. Byrne pointed out that in 40 years of neonatology he has “never seen a time to turn off a ventilator.”

If a baby has a disease process that’s so bad that they’re going to die, then they die on the ventilator anyway,” he said.

These men and women have the right idea about journalism. They present the facts. Sometimes the facts are ugly, sometimes unflattering, sometimes frightening- they tell us what we need to know, so that we can take action. (Exactly why others DO NOT give us the facts!)



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