Many thousands protest the governments proposal to allow girls as young as 16 to acquire abortions without parental permission

Spero News:

...Thousands of protesterss made themselves heard in some 80 cities throughout Spain, while in Madrid they filled the streets around the Congress. “This is only the beginning,” said Arsuaga of Hazteoir.org. A manifesto read at the Madrid rally proclaimed that the movement of over 100 civic groups is demanding “a true plan of support for pregnant women so that they can give birth to their children and as a last resort, if necessary, give them up for adoption.”...

As the US strives to make itself conform to the EU/UN philosophy of 'reduce the poor by killing their children', Europeans are beginning to fight back. All is not as 'homogenous' as the 'Culture of Death' media would have us believe. Afterall, we ARE human!


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