"Choose Life" in Virginia - UPDATE

UPDATE Gov. Kaine Blocks Use of State Funds For Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine signs bill allowing "Choose Life" license plates

....Under state law, more than 350 people must sign up for a plate before Department of Motor Vehicles can produce it.

Republican Sen. Ken Cuccinelli, who added the "Choose Life" proposal onto a bill creating license plates promoting the Northern Neck and Shenandoah National Park Trust, said at least 450 people had prepaid for the plate.

"It's a simple way to advance the cause of life at no cost to Virginia taxpayers," Cuccinelli said.

After the first 1,000 plates are sold, $15 of the $25 annual fee would go to crisis pregnancy centers.

Each year, the money generated would go to Heartbeat International, a Christian pregnancy resource organization, to be distributed to nonprofit centers in Virginia that meet the organization's "Commitment of Care" standards. According to the group's Web site, those include giving "honest and open answers" and not offering, recommending or referring clients for abortions.

Cuccinelli said about 40 of the 75 pregnancy centers in Virginia meet those standards and would be eligible for funding....

..."The fact that the governor and the General Assembly wasted time and resources debating whether or not to fund deceptive non-medical establishments is shameful," said Jessica Honke, director of public policy for The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood, which receives some state funding.

Kaine said if the groups felt strongly about it they should seek a specialty plate of their own.

"I believe the Constitution would require the state to approve that plate to protect against any viewpoint discrimination," he said.

Planned Parenthood and NARAL said they had no plans to do so at this time....

Hard to believe someone could rationalize opposing "Choose Life" plates that help fund crisis pregnancy clinics. Kind of puts Planned Parenhood motivations in perspective when they react as if charitable help for pregnant women is competition for their business.

I wonder what a Planned Parenthood license plate would read? "Ignorance Is Bliss"?, "Kill The Deficit"?, "You First"?...

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