Stephen Lewis - UN Abortion Czar - Proud Canadian

If he hadn't already received an 'Order of Canada' , surely all the great work he's done promoting an increase of abortions worldwide, would qualify him!


....Lewis, the former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa and a former Deputy Director of UNICEF, has long been a vociferous supporter of the creation of a “fully-resourced” women’s agency. Such an agency could change the UN and end the “suffocating patriarchy” with a new “sensibility of collaboration.” Lewis continued that this, “would not only help women but rescue the UN from some of its worst behavior.”

One audience member questioned the necessity of a new billion dollar agency. There are already several UN bodies which focus on issues affecting women, including the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW), Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues (OSAGI) and the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW). Lewis said, “Rendering little agencies is not enough. There is not enough staff, not enough resources and no mandate.” He viewed the proposed agency as the UN’s “one last chance” to advocate for women multilaterally the way UNICEF does for children with a staff and budget to match.

It was during Mr. Lewis’ stint at UNICEF that the Vatican decided to withdraw its annual symbolic donation because of mounting evidence that the agency was promoting abortion. Critics fear that a new agency would not advocate for women but for certain ideologies espoused by those in charge, particularly for a universal right to abortion....

Lewis was speaking at a forum hosted by the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs . I wonder who's 'ethics' those might be?
The past several years, under the leadership of radical nihilists like Lewis, the UN has been pressuring all countries to provide open access to abortion, and to accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. The EU and Canada are far, far down this road already. They are especially anxious for the less developed and the under-developed (poor) countries to drastically limit their populations, as their own populations continue to dwindle and age.

Wake Up Canadians. Stop seeing as 'heroes' the very people who have despoiled the innocence of your young country. Stop sending your kids out to gather funds that support evil abroad. Stop keeping yourself so busy with leisure sports and artsy endeavors that you can pretend everything is great. Worthwhile activities no doubt, for the rich and comfortable - but you should care that you are supporting the ending of life for people in other countries.

should care.


Scott said...

With the global economic recession gaining steam, the UN probably won't have the resources to fulfill Mr Lewis's dystopian dream.

island breezes said...

The new agency might not get 'built' but the work will continue...