"Small, bitter people saying foolish things"

Michelle Malkin on 'beyond the Palin' remarks by anonymous McCain (ex?)staffers:

....Sarah Palin worked her heart out. She energized tens of thousands to come out who would have otherwise stayed home. She touched countless families. I didn’t agree with everything she said on the campaign trail. But two fundamental conservative stands she took mattered greatly to me: She vigorously defended the Second Amendment and the sanctity of life more eloquently in practice than any of the educated conservative aristocracy.

And she did it all with a tirelessness and infectious optimism that defied the shameless, bottomless attempts by elites in both parties to bring her and her family down.

Shame on the smearers who don’t have the balls to show their faces...

(h/t prowoman prolife)

I can't even imagine how bad McCain's results would have been without Sarah Palin's energy and 'people power'. He didn't even wake up until 2 weeks ago!

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