Who Was Paid Off?

More on the HPV Scam that is endangering the health and fertility of our young girls (as young as 8) across the (STUPID) West:

For several years the pharmaceutical firm has made aggressive efforts to market the Gardasil human papilloma virus vaccine as a prevention for cervical cancer. The governor of the state of Texas made the administration of this vaccine to young girls mandatory.

What is the truth about this vaccine?

Natural News reporter Mike Adams has uncovered some interesting facts about this vaccine. The FDA has been aware since 2003 that Human Papillloma Virus [1] does not cause cervical cancer. The Gardasil vaccine is unable to eradicate HPV virus from women who have been exposed to HPV(nearly all sexually active women). This makes vaccinating all young women in Texas against HPV virus a very questionable decision....

To say the very least!!!


Adam said...

I am not by any stretch of the imagination in favour of vaccinating every 8 year old girl with the HPV vaccine, but the article that you linked to is absolute nonsense. HPV has been linked to Cervical cancer, and the March 2003 release by the FDA says nothing along the lines of what the author of that article states. The gardasil vaccine is flawed, in that it only protects against a few strains of HPV and its safety can be questioned, but it does prevent cervical cancer.

Be careful where you get your info.

island breezes said...

The amount of testing done so far has not proven that it does prevent HPV. Many doctors have spoken up on this, only to be ignored. Also, HPV has not been proven to be the 'cause' of cervical cancer. A link is not a cause. A sketchy /non-existent prevention of HPV which may/may not be 'linked' to cervical cancer DOES NOT PREVENT CERVICAL CANCER.

Serious (including death) risks are involved, and the motivation for moving on this so quickly and oppressively is suspect. Political brown-nosing? Money in pockets? Who knows.

Adam said...

Not trying to pull rank or anything, but I am final year medical student. I am not an expert, but I do know a thing or two about this. I am not going to get into this in great detail, but HPV inserts genes into the cells that it infects which act as something called oncogenes, genes which promote uncontrolled cell growth (aka cancer). It has been proven as more than a link. There are very few, less than one in a hundred, cases of cervical cancer that are found to be HPV negative, and that probably has more to do with our tests than it does with HPV not being present.

I know about the deaths linked to the vaccine, and am also suspect about the haste with which HPV vaccines were introduced. I just took issue with the large amount of misinformation contained on the page you linked to.