Hurricane Vacation

UPDATE: All's well. Little Cayman and The Brac received force 4...we're waiting for details...but we are unscathed. For a small Island with 50% expats, we generate a lot of prayer. Thus, all the local radio announcers prayed and thanked God. Gov't officials too. I expect that on our National Day of Prayer at the Legislature (Wed.) there will be many prayers of thanks and praise. I hope we never lose this advantage over the 'west'. A natural culture of prayer still exists freely. Thanks to those who prayed with us, and THANKS BE TO GOD.

Cayman Compass
We're busy battening down the hatches. Water gets turned off at 11, Paloma is supposed to come within 2 miles of Grand Cayman at force 2, around midnight. We have already discovered some new leaks. Since its been raining EVERY DAY since at least mid-Sept. our 10,000 gallon cistern is topped off. Plywood up and windows blocked, patio furniture in. Water and propane in 3 day supply. Hoping the power won't be off long enough to thaw the deep freeze. Called the older people in the neighborhood and people we know who flooded out last time, to invite them over for the duration. No takers so far (I guess they have less crowded offers already!)

Having been here for Ivan in 2004, we feel pretty safe. Unlike almost every neighbour, we did not flood with 3 ft. of water. (I guess we're on 'high' ground.) The Island has just finished rebuilding. Hope we don't have to do it again!

Won't be posting again until the storm has passed and power is up.

(Prayers Welcome)

National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Ivan


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Linda said...

Just found out about the hurricane headed your way - will keep all of you in prayer. God bless.

Linda said...

Glad to hear of the good news - especially that the Good News is still spoken aloud, without fear of censure. Amazing grace.